Sarah (happinesss) wrote in vgnmusicians,

new music festival


I'm not sure if anyone in this community is from the New York area, but I am an organizer for a new music festival called Make Music New York. On June 21st, 2007, the entire city of New York (all five boroughs) will be covered in music. Professional and amateur musicians will fill up sidewalks, parks, and community gardens, making public space throughout the five boroughs will become impromptu musical stages, dance floors, and social meeting points. We have a permit that will allow musicians to perform in any outdoor area of their choice within the city.

This event is based on a worldwide music festival often called Fete de la Musique (it originated in Paris in 1982) that takes place in over 250 cities every year. For some reason, this celebration of live, free music has not made its way to New York until this year.

Because this is a new festival we need as much help as possible. If you would like to perform or if you know anyone who would be interested in performing, please e-mail me at I am specifically in charge of organizing world music artists, but I will find performance space for musicians of any genre. All performers will be listed in local New York City newspapers and posters will be provided.

If you would like more information about Make Music New York, please visit our website: Once again, if you have any questions or would like to sign up (!), please email me at

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